Flexible office and Workshop space to rent - opportunities immediately available

A strategically located Technology Park totalling 60,000m2 offering flexible development opportunities for offices and workshop space and significant Build to Suit potential, for start-ups, R&D centres and Head Office buildings.

System & Component Testing

System & Component Testing

We provide a wide range of system & component testing solutions across many industries.

Vehicle System & Component Testing
Offering independent product test and validation (using a number of standalone or combinations of environmental testing disciplines) we can provide a wide range of system & component testing solutions for the automotive, defence, rail, aviation, civil engineering and domestic appliance industries. Our facilities can subject test pieces to single and multi-axis vibration, temperature, humidity, saline solutions, dust and solar exposure - in a range of combinations both accurately and repeatedly.

Our flexible engineering team has wide-ranging experience of customer procedures and legislative tests in structural and durability testing including fatigue, cyclic and quasi-static load tests using electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators. Our strength is the ability to develop procedures for bespoke test solutions to meet your specific product validation needs.

People, Facilities & Equipment

  • Flexible engineering team
  • Environmental Chambers up to 6m x 4m x 2.9m; +150 o C; -60 oC; 98% RH
  • Ovens up to 480mm x 500mm x 430 mm; +500 oC
  • Corrosion Chamber 3.5m x 3.5m x 11m; +50 oC and 99% RH
  • 3rd party converter technical assessment and management to client or Millbrook engineering guidelines
  • Full range of physical test and validation solutions
  • Component, system or whole vehicle type approval advice, guidance, application and certification via on site agency