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Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety

Our ISO 17025 accredited full scale crash, HyGE sled and safety systems laboratories are equipped to support high complexity tests.

Vehicle Safety Testing
Having been at the forefront of vehicle safety testing for over 40 years, our full scale crash, HyGE sled and safety systems laboratories are equipped to support high complexity tests that meet a wide range of global legislative and development scenarios including test schedules for which we hold accreditation by UKAS to ISO 17025. With ultra-compact data acquisition and digital camera systems available we can meet the needs of the automotive, aerospace, rail and marine industries.

In additional to testing conventionally powered vehicles, pioneering component and full scale ‘alternative fuel’ vehicle testing solutions are also available.

People, Facilities & Equipment

  • Experienced team in global legislative and development test scenarios
  • Crash Laboratory: 8km/h to 90km/h; +/0.5km/h; Track length 220m; five secure preparation bays
  • HyGE Laboratory: 12” reverse acting linear shock tester; Maximum speed 100km/h
  • NAC Memrecam digital high speed colour video system; up to 1280 x 1024 pixel at 1,000fps; recording up to 20,000fps
  • DTAS G5 on-board Data Acquisition Units (DAUs) conforming to SAE J211 specifications; over 400 data channels per test; up to 100kHz sampling rate
  • Comprehensive fleet of test dummies; on-site dummy calibration
  • Environmental Static Airbag Deployment Facility
  • Bumper Pendulum System
  • Headform Pendulum Impact Rig
  • Pedestrian Test Facility
  • Airbag Abuse & Misuse: Laboratory and track-based testing
  • Seat Belt Anchorage Rig
  • Gravity drop tower

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