Tyre Development

Millbrook’s existing tyre testing facilities in the UK are complemented by Test World in Finland, part of Millbrook Group since September 2015. Test World is the premier test facility for winter tyres. Innovative indoor facilities allow testing on natural snow throughout the year.

The teams in Finland and the UK can undertake the full suite of tests necessary during tyre development and tyre certification. With two locations and the indoor facilities at Test World, Millbrook is a one-stop-shop for all tyre tests and has ISO 17025 accreditation for many of them.

The team in Finland are experts at preparing snow and ice tracks. Customers report very high levels of repeatability throughout the testing season.

Tyre Testing

Controlled conditions and unique, word-class facilities.

Test World has always specialised in tyre testing under winter and summer conditions, throughout the year.

Reliable tyre and stud wear testing requires precise and controlled methods, rotation of cars, tyres and drivers, and a range of monitoring in logging.

Wear tests are most often carried out in a convoy formation and tailored to customers’ needs, ranging from tens of thousands of kilometres of main road driving to accelerated city driving simulation, which is a quick way of establishing stud retention.

Testing on ice and snow requires special expertise, because even the slightest change in the conditions produces variation and unreliability in the results. The uniform quality of test tracks is an absolute prerequisite for reliable results. What is equally vital is knowing how to make measurements, having skilled test drivers and performing appropriate statistical processing of the results to rectify the systematic differences caused by changes in the conditions.

Our speciality is testing in set conditions – at specific temperatures or on specific surfaces according to client specifications, whether they are smooth ice, ice of different grades of roughness, or snow of specific hardness. We can also conduct tests in deep snow.

Slush planing is the most hazardous driving condition you can come across while on the road. The test method that we have developed allows us to reliably measure the traction of tyres in slush.

Our testing services include all standard tests on dry and wet asphalt – for both winter and summer tyres. Our location in the north also allows us to test winter tyres on wet and dry surfaces in the summer, at cool temperatures that suit winter tyres.

Our services include grip and handling tests performed by our experienced and professional test drivers and engineers.

Our test selection is wide, including all the essential winter and summer tyre tests that the industry R&D and magazines employ. Apart from the measurement technology, we provide professional and experienced personnel, including measurement engineers and drivers for the handling tests.

A test project can be composed freely of a variety of individual tests.







Slush planing on straight

Braking, wet and dry



Slush planing on curve

Water planing on straight

Lateral grip

Lateral grip

Water planing on curve



Lateral grip

Hill climb, straight


Hill climb, serpentine

Handling on wet and dry

Directional stability

Driving behaviour

Stud force

Stud overrun

Indoor Facilities

Test World Indoor 1 and 2 are the world's first indoor vehicle and tyre-testing facilities designed for year-round use, resulting in significant savings in overall product development costs.

Both facilities are located at the Mellatracks proving ground in Ivalo, Finland. They enable testing in a controlled environment under specified weather conditions, with independently regulated air and floor temperatures.

Natural snow, which is collected and stored in the winter, is used to create a snow track indoors. The track can also be frozen to allow the performance of tests on ice.

Testing on dry or wet asphalt even during a Finnish winter, when winter testing can be performed outdoors on over 2,000 acres of specially prepared tracks.

Tyre Certification

Test World certify tyres to UN/ECE Regulation 117:

  • Wet grip
  • Snow grip
  • Pass by noise
  • Rolling resistance

Studded Tyre Road Wear Certification is also available.

Testing for Magazines

Test World annually conducts Europe’s most extensive summer and winter tyre tests.

Test selection tailored for magazines and other media has been developed over many years and covers full vehicles and components, from tyres and roof racks to motor oil and child seats.

Facilities include a dynamometer, emission measurement equipment, a cold store and all the equipment required for car performance and handling measurements.

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