Vehicle Testing

Millbrook’s experienced engineers and project managers work with customers globally on a wide range of programmes.

Millbrook provides subjective and objective measurement, robustness and durability tests and supports the design and development of vehicles. It has ISO17025 accreditation for certain environmental tests.

The teams of engineers are backed up by a wide range of testing facilities in the UK and Finland, including component test laboratories, environmental chambers, noise measurement sites and over 2,200 acres of proving grounds with specialist tracks, surfaces and indoor and outdoor facilities replicating almost all driving conditions for real-time and accelerated life cycle tests.

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  • Whole vehicle general quality, corrosion and structural durability
  • Specialist durability schedule correlation team
  • Proving Ground with high speed circuit, hill route including gradients up to 26%, specialist durability surfaces and features
  • Corrosion chambers up to 12m x 7m x 3.5m, 50°C and 20% to 100% RH
  • Climatic chambers up to 6m x 4m x 2.9m, -60°C to +150°C and up to 98% RH

Vehicle Measurement

  • ISO 10844:2014 compliant drive-by noise surface
  • Tilt platform 9m long x 3.3m wide, 42,000kg, platform angle 45°
  • Full range of attribute measurement with GPS data collection and high sampling frequency data loggers

System and Component Testing

A wide range of system and component testing solutions.

Offering independent product test and validation, Millbrook can subject test pieces to single and multi-axis vibration, temperature, humidity, saline solutions, dust and solar exposure – in a range of combinations, accurately and repeatedly.

The flexible engineering teams have wide-ranging experience of customer procedures and legislative tests in structural and durability testing including fatigue, cyclic and quasi-static load tests using electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators. Their strength is the ability to develop procedures for bespoke test solutions to meet customers’ specific product validation needs.

  • Full range of physical test and validation solutions
  • Environmental chambers with multi-axis shaker tables
  • Component, system or whole vehicle type approval advice, guidance, application and certification via on site agency


People, Facilities & Equipment

  • Flexible engineering team
  • Environmental Chambers up to 6m x 4m x 2.9m; +150 o C; -60 oC; 98% RH
  • Ovens up to 480mm x 500mm x 430 mm; +500 oC
  • Corrosion Chamber 3.5m x 3.5m x 11m; +50 oC and 99% RH
  • 3rd party converter technical assessment and management to client or Millbrook engineering guidelines
  • Full range of physical test and validation solutions
  • Type approval



  • Engineering team with OEM experience progressing designs into production
  • Vehicle design, build, update and preparation for test or evaluation
  • Partial or full vehicle release bill of materials management
  • Full 3D parametric modelling in NX and Catia
  • Vehicle Dynamics group
  • Extreme manoeuvres facility
  • Third party converter technical assessment and management to client or Millbrook engineering guidelines

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