Tilt Testing

Millbrook offers vehicle safety tilt testing facilities.

  • Tilt Table rated to a load of 42,000kg, with an angle of up to 45 degrees
  • Tilt platform area 9.0m x 3.2m
  • Two tilt speeds to allow for fine adjustments at point of roll over
  • Ability to log vehicle data during tilt
  • On-site weighing facilities to ensure accurate vehicle test weight
  • On-site VCA for vehicle certification
  • Calibrated equipment to ensure precise tilt angle remote control operation allows the operator to watch the vehicle closely from all angles

Applications and Capabilities

  • Provides the ability to test all kinds of vehicles, from small cars and off0highway vehicles to the largest military vehicles and double deck buses, in line with the longitudinal axis of the vehicle
  • Determines roll stability requirements, measurement of vehicle roll over angle and height of the vehicles centre of gravity as well as vehicle function and performance while operating on a side slope
  • Variable testing – the tilt table allows testing to the requirements of the customer, whether that is first wheel lift, second wheel lift or all the way to roll over
  • Approved site for ECE R107, with available VCA certification
  • Vehicle roll angles can be logged accurately, independently of the tilt table angle
  • On-site weighing facilities provide an accurate vehicle weight, along with the ability to measure axle weights and right-left side splits
  • Two different tilt speeds; 0,1 deg/sec and 0.3 deg/sec
  • Experienced tilt testing engineers and technicians Data Acquisition and logging systems.

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