Automotive Homologation

Having knowledge of existing and proposed legislation for the UK, EU, and other global regions, Millbrook can advise on impacts on your product, compliance, and certification.


Approval and Certification Schemes

Millbrook assist clients with interpretation and application of legal provisions relating to component, system and vehicle homologation, and provide them with wide expertise relating to global market’s specific legislative and regulatory requirements and approval processes.

Compliance Assessments

Millbrook have all the knowledge and equipment for verifying and testing that your vehicle conforms to the relevant regulations wherever in the world you may wish to sell it.

Programme Support / Project management

Millbrook offer a “one stop shop” for expert legislative advice, negotiation with approval and regulatory authorities, test program development, project management and production of technical drawings and formal documentation.

Regulation and Policy

Millbrook can act as your representative to monitor and assess existing, forthcoming or proposed legislation, to lobby legislators and to provide technical reports on the implications and impact on your products.

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