Commissioning Engineer - Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering

This position is no longer available. For other job opportunities at Millbrook, please visit the vacancies page.

Job Summary

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering Inc is looking for a qualified Commissioning Engineer to support our growing business activities in Europe. As a Commissioning Engineer, you will perform engineering duties in-house and on customer sites to accomplish the final commissioning and follow up service of our propulsion test systems. This involves working with Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS), our integrated controls, data acquisition and test automation platform. You will have an opportunity to work on diverse range of automotive test projects including but not limited to electric propulsion test rigs, axle test rigs, transmission test rigs, chassis dynamometers, engine test systems and battery test systems.

This role is reporting into the Commissioning Manager.

Role Responsibilities

  • Reading and understanding electrical schematics
  • Control system commissioning, writing test scripts, data collection and report generation
  • Performing calibrations and data acquisition
  • Commissioning dynamometers and variable frequency drives
  • Hands-on electrical and software troubleshooting
  • LabVIEW programming
  • Communicating with other engineers to identify and resolve issues
  • Training the customers
  • Customer service and support

Essential Criteria


  • Bachelor of Science/Engineering (Electrical / Mechanical / Mechatronics)
  • Good breadth of relevant work experience required
  • Familiarity with electrical machines and variable frequency drives
  • Familiarity with CAN, Flexray, EtherCAT, Modbus
  • Familiarity with LabVIEW
  • Familiarity with PLC programming


  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Knowledge of current technologies employed in the automotive testing sector

Personal Behaviours

  • Builds credibility quickly
  • Self-confident
  • Resourceful and self sufficient 
  • Good technical communication skills – Written and Oral
  • Team Oriented
  • Highly Organized

Other Information

  • Flexibility to travel (Europe, US, Asia) as and when required
  • Flexibility to work after hours when required
  • Willing to undergo a back ground check
  • Working environment: Office/Workshop/Lab

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