Millbrook's Track Control Team

An Interview with Cat Sells, Customer Liaison

Vehicle homologation testing on Millbrook Hill Route
Portrait of Cat Sells, Customer Liaison in the Track Control team at Millbrook

Our Proving Ground in the UK contains an unrivalled combination of test tracks suitable for virtually every vehicle test. But it’s not only vehicle testing that they are suitable for. We spoke to Cat Sells, Customer Liaison, to find out more about how our Track Control team operates and what else they get up to.

What is the role of Millbrook’s Track Control team?

Our Track Control team looks after the test tracks and anyone using them. Our priority is the safety of the track users, so we work with customers to assess each track activity and establish how this can best be achieved. We also support all of our on-site tenants and look after their needs.


"The team works around the clock to assist customers and we are all experienced in using the test tracks." Cat Sells, Customer Liaison 

Millbrook Mile Straight test track

Does Track Control use any specific tools to support customers?

Primarily, we use our radio and tracker system to monitor test track activity. This ensures that any track users can get in touch with us and we can locate them accurately should the need arise. We also had a new CCTV system and 5G enabled network installed last year.

The team works around the clock to assist customers and we are all experienced in using the test tracks. This means we can train others to drive the tracks and provide assistance to anyone who may require it.

Lots has been filmed at Millbrook, what about it makes it such a great filming location?

We have an extensive range of private test tracks, including both on and off-road, which makes Millbrook an extremely desirable filming location. Many famous films have used shots of Millbrook tracks, including Casino Royale and Transformers, which gives us that “street cred” if you like. This encourages more production companies to want to film their projects here. We manage to accommodate most requests from a variety of film crews, who are always grateful for the service received.

Track Control seems to have a really strong team ethic. What do you like most about working in Millbrook’s tracks team?

We do! For me, I enjoy the dynamic that we have within the team. We all communicate very well with each other and have different strengths that enable us to cover any task that is given to us. Because we are quite a small team, we have a great rapport and that enables us to work effectively together. I also enjoy the fact that we can have fun whilst getting the job done!

Private track hire UK at Millbrook's test track

You’ve worked in several other teams across Millbrook. How has this helped you in your current role?

I think I have actually worked in every engineering department other than component test in my 5 years here at Millbrook! This has not only expanded my engineering understanding and knowledge, but it has also provided me with invaluable contacts around the site. Most of us in the tracks team have worked in different areas of Millbrook too, some of us used to be test drivers or work in security. Between us we know how to deal with most things!

Because of the nature of my role as Customer Liaison, my tasks are extremely varied and customers regularly enquire about other facilities that we have around the site. My previous experience enables me to either answer directly, or point customers to an individual or team who will be able to help.

The opportunity to work within several areas across Millbrook keeps everything fresh and means every day is different. I love working with such a range of customers on different projects, which I certainly have the opportunity to do within Track Control.