Vehicle Technology Test and Validation

Connected and Autonomous

The UK’s Controlled Urban Test Bed for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Addressing the critical need for a controlled, but realistic urban test environment that seamlessly connects with other CAV test functions and open road urban environments.

Millbrook and the UKAEA's RACE will operate a test bed for the development of CAV technologies across two sites, offering the full spectrum of controlled to semi-controlled urban environments and 90 km of roads.

Investment in infrastructure, 5G emulation, data storage, vehicles and simulation, together with unique access to a 2,000 adult population on a secure site, will enable testing to capture all aspects of real-world operation for CAVs, including Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) and other social impacts.

Timeline and Capabilities

The test bed is scheduled to become fully operational in the second half of 2019.

A range of capabilities is already available, including a virtual model of Millbrook’s Proving Ground in the UK, a 5G-enabled mobile network and instrumentation and soft targets for ADAS and autonomous vehicle testing.

5G for Self-Driving Car Testing

Millbrook is hosting the UK 5G test bed for connected and autonomous vehicles.

Real-time connectivity with speeds up to 1Gbps enable accurate location and connectivity trials, support the validation of self-driving cars and accelerate the driverless vehicle testing and development in the UK.

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O2 is set to support the testing of autonomous and connected vehicles (CAVs) at Millbrook as part of the DCMS funded AutoAir project

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