Millbrook Expands Engine Testing Capabilities with New High-Performance Cell

Automotive Engine Test Bed Facility Millbrook Proving Ground 3
  • New engine test facility cell expands Millbrook’s testing capabilities for high-performance engines
  • Cell designed with a modern test approach and future expansion capability
  • Investment complements the acquisition of the Leyland testing facility on 1st July

Millbrook has further expanded its powertrain testing capabilities, with the creation of a new test cell for high-performance engines. The new cell features a dynamic, high-speed dynamometer to test to 523kW and 9,000rpm.

The new engine test cell is the 17th to be installed at Millbrook’s Bedfordshire site, and is now fully operational. It houses state-of-the-art engine test equipment, and has been designed specifically to test premium and performance engines used in light-duty vehicles. The new cell allows higher control of test parameters to suit a wide range of customer demands, and records results with exceptional accuracy.

The new cell has a modular design to suit future expansion and additional testing capability and has been installed as a standalone building. The cell’s flexibility means that it can be used for alternative programmes including hybrid vehicles and future engine technologies, and can be expanded with supplementary emissions test equipment.

The design of the new cell was important to deliver a high-tech engine test facility within a short delivery and installation time frame. The flexible nature of the space means we can incorporate new equipment and update the test procedures to suit existing and upcoming customer requirements. It has been designed with high-performance car engines in mind, as the technology continues to develop in order to meet tightening emissions regulations and fuel economy targets.Phil Stones, Chief Engineer - Propulsion

The construction of the new engine test cell continues a period of sustained investment by Millbrook across its sites. Investment has enhanced the company’s capabilities in emissions, safety, vehicle and tyre testing, and included the acquisition Millbrook Leyland in July.