Hub Dynamometer Testing at Millbrook

Hub dynamometer vehicle testing at Millbrook
  • Millbrook’s hub dyno test facility provides its customers with accurate, adaptable and repeatable drive cycles
  • Versatility of the facility enables testing for direct comparisons on numerous variables

Millbrook’s 2WD and 4WD hub dynamometers are used every day for projects including data acquisition, combustion analysis, mileage accumulation, performance tests, fuel comparisons and fuel economy tests. Millbrook offers a reliable, fast and confidential service. It understands the needs of its customers and creates facilities for their unique applications.

During a test on one of Millbrook’s hub dynamometers all the instrumentation is on-board, reducing instrument change and preparation time. The hub dynos are capable of precisely controlling a vehicle’s engine speed, wheel speed and torque, ensuring absolute repeatability of drive cycles. Dynamometer data can also be combined with other instrumentation data from almost any sensor type, including advanced vehicle diagnostic systems, fuel changeover rigs, fuel flow meters and Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS).

This capability is very important for technology developers and vehicle manufacturers as it allows for direct comparisons between variables such as fuels, vehicles and engine maps. The tests are safe, with no risk of cycle disruption, and the wear and tear on the vehicle is minimised, which is ideal when dealing with prototype cars or where the precise vehicle type and specification is important.

The facility offers constant speed and torque outputs, sweep capabilities for power/torque curves and road resistance simulation. It is a viable alternative to engine development testing in an engine test cell because a fuel or lubricant can be tested in a vehicle. For engine analysis, a hub dyno test offers more flexibility than an engine test cell with options of a variety of donor vehicles. All the development testing can be carried out on a hub dyno before the official engine tests, with live data available next day.

Millbrook continues to provide the automotive industry with the UK’s premier independent propulsion test facilities. Its investment in dynamometer technology includes the 4WD climatic emissions chassis dynamometers, hub dynamometers, powertrain rigs and dynamometer test cells in the UK and the US.

The possibilities for testing with Millbrook’s hub dynamometers are very wide. They demonstrate adaptability, accuracy and repeatability, time and time again. Across all the facilities we have at Millbrook, our dynamometer testing capabilities are truly comprehensive.Darren Williams, Chief Engineer – Vehicle

Located in central Bedfordshire with nearby motorway and rail links, Millbrook’s proving ground in the UK is a geographically convenient test site for customers all over the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. With an array of test facilities on-site and highly qualified test engineers and technicians on board to assist, Millbrook is a one-stop shop for vehicle development.