Capability Unveiled for More Efficient Development of Powertrains

Engineer working on a car in a 4WD climatic chassis dynamometer emissions test facility at Millbrook Proving Ground
  • Innovative 4WD powertrain test system being commissioned at Millbrook is the first independent facility of its kind in the UK
  • Millbrook aims to help its customers cut vehicle development times by streamlining powertrain simulation and integration testing
  • The facility will be correlated to Millbrook’s Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) and 4WD Climatic Emissions Chassis Dynamometers
  • It will be launched in March 2019

Millbrook is commissioning its first full-vehicle 4WD powertrain test system in the UK. This state of the art test facility will help Millbrook’s customers significantly to reduce their vehicle development times by streamlining powertrain integration and simulation.

The new facility is designed for development testing for global compliance, including Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP). More fuel economy performance and emissions testing will now be carried out ahead of the full vehicle or all hardware being available. Emissions readings will be provided to customers for analysis in real time.

Repeatability is a crucial part of powertrain development and fuel economy testing. When testing a whole vehicle, this facility ensures repeatability by allowing Millbrook to conduct comprehensive powertrain integration testing in a laboratory environment with an advanced driving robot and 24 hour automation. The direct interaction between the vehicle hubs and the dynamometers negate any power loss through tyre slippage.

Using this facility, Millbrook will be able to simulate real-world and regulatory drive cycles. Applications include complex powertrain integration, fuel economy and emissions, energy management, deployment strategies and thermal mapping. The facility is capable of accommodating vehicles ranging from a small city car to an SUV, and is also suitable for motorsport and light commercial vehicles.

Our customers work hard to bring their best offering to market quickly. To develop their products, such as the latest battery or hybrid powertrains, they need safe, reliable and efficient test equipment, knowledgeable support and innovative test solutions. By providing all of these things, we are playing our part in the development of the most advanced vehicle technologies.Phil Stones, Chief Engineer – Propulsion

Millbrook tests engines, hybrid drivetrains, batteries, e-machines and inverters in the UK and the US. It offers customers around the globe safety, superior customer service and technical excellence. The 4WD powertrain test system will be available at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK in March 2019.

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