Millbrook Achieves Latest RDE Package 4 Approval from VCA

Car being prepared for an RDE test by PEMS emissions test engineers
  • Designated UK vehicle type approval authority, VCA, awards Millbrook facility approval for Real Driving Emissions (RDE) testing to RDE Package 4
  • Millbrook’s own processing tool meets the Regulations and allows flexibility on data source and output file format
  • As part of recent investments, Millbrook has opened a dedicated workshop and PEMS test equipment calibration area at Millbrook Proving Ground

Millbrook has extended its existing RDE approval with the UK’s approval authority, VCA, to include the latest RDE Package of changes. It has also re-developed its own data processing and validation tool to ensure greater flexibility for its customers. The approval covers light duty vehicle testing to EU 2017/1154 (2018/1832).

The announcement comes after Millbrook has aligned its processes and its data processing tool to meet the requirements of the latest package. Millbrook’s data processing tool is now fully validated to Package 4. It was developed independently of any particular make of PEMS equipment. This ensures freedom of data input and allows Millbrook to meet reactive customer requirements during research and development programmes.

Supporting and reacting to ongoing Regulatory change is a fundamental part of our business and PEMS/RDE testing has been a key part of our work for over 6 years. Getting approval to the latest RDE package is an accomplishment made more significant by the development and approval of our own RDE processing tool.Phil Stones, Chief Engineer - Propulsion