Millbrook Builds Market-Leading Position with Propulsion Systems Test Facility Expansion

Vehicle climatic soak chambers at Millbrook emissions test facility in the UK
  • Millbrook opens the UK’s most comprehensive independent propulsion systems test, validation and certification facility
  • Includes equipment for testing and developing electrified and alternative powertrains
  • Increases ability to test vehicles in a controlled, repeatable environment

Millbrook has expanded its propulsion systems testing and development facilities in Bedfordshire, strengthening its position as a market leader in all aspects of automotive testing. It marks the culmination of extensive investment by Millbrook to provide some of the most advanced propulsion system testing facilities and equipment in the industry. The newly expanded propulsion systems test facility now includes two 4WD Climatic Emissions Chassis Dynamometers, a Portable Emissions Measurement System workshop and a 4WD Powertrain Test System, in addition to its Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber (VTEC), Evaporative Emissions Chamber and 18 engine test cells.

Millbrook allows customers to reduce vehicle development times. Its facilities are being correlated to ensure that vehicles can be repeatedly tested for global compliance to standards such as the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP). Millbrook’s Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) workshop, suitable for vehicles from small passenger cars through to buses and trucks, provides a space for engineers to calibrate equipment to suit a variety of PEMS tests. The facility was developed and installed to meet increased customer demand for vehicle emissions testing, as manufacturers seek to improve Real Driving Emissions (RDE).

Prior to testing the full powertrain, Millbrook can validate integrations at an individual system level, such as EDU, on a 2WD test system. All facilities are conveniently located in the UK, close to Millbrook’s climatic chambers and shakers, which are used for system and component durability tests.

Millbrook’s propulsion systems test facilities are ideally suited to testing the real-world energy efficiency and consumption of fuels and lubricants and the wear characteristics on components.

The rate of development of ultra-low emission, electrified and alternative powertrains has gathered astonishing pace in recent years, creating many new challenges. Millbrook now has a suite of test facilities that allow engineers to test a full range of powertrain types to a number of repeatable test procedures, with results from one test facility easily correlated to another.Alex Burns, President of Millbrook

As vehicles grow more complicated, Millbrook offers a unique range of test facilities. Earlier this year, Millbrook announced that it will open a new test facility in California to offer a wide range of electrified powertrain tests. Millbrook is also investing in a new VTEC facility in the UK to provide emissions testing for heavy duty vehicles across conventional, hybrid, electric, hydrogen and alternative powertrains.