Millbrook Commissions Second 4WD Climatic Emissions Chassis Dynamometer

Car in a 4WD climatic chassis dynamometer emissions test facility at Millbrook Proving Ground
  • Millbrook commissions its second 4WD Climatic Emissions Chassis Dynamometer in the UK as part of a large-scale expansion of its global propulsion test capabilities
  • High-performance facility includes a revamped soak space with continuous vehicle and air temperature monitoring

​Millbrook has commissioned its second 4WD Climatic Emissions Chassis Dynamometer in the UK as part of a large-scale expansion of its global propulsion test capabilities. This latest facility was built in response to high demand for development and regulated vehicle emissions testing.

The facility is used to simulate road driving conditions in a temperature controlled environment for powertrain development and type approval testing of light duty vehicles. It is technically aligned to Millbrook’s existing chassis dynamometer which was commissioned in 2016, so customers are able to attain repeatable results across facilities. The new facility will be correlated to Millbrook’s Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) and its 4WD Powertrain Test System.

As part of the wider expansion, Millbrook has installed twenty one soak bays in its UK facility to facilitate efficient vehicle preparation and ensure maximum facility utilisation. These include ten with 23°C ambient control, five with temperature ranges of -20°C to +50°C and six with temperature ranges of +10°C to +30°C. All soak bays have continuous vehicle and air temperature monitoring to cover all legislative temperatures.

As the emphasis on improved air quality and reduced CO2 of vehicles continues, Millbrook’s new chassis dyno can be used to test against regulated targets and to support in-service conformity testing. As energy consumption concerns also rise, HVAC and ambient vehicle temperatures will be more important due to their direct impact in an electric vehicle. Millbrook can support the development of electric vehicles using this facility. It offers a wide ambient temperature range, ability to replay real-world drive cycles and gradient simulation.

One of our key strengths is our ability to quickly adapt to customer requirements. This is demonstrated through the efficient building of our new 4WD Climatic Emissions Chassis Dynamometer, in response to the popularity of our existing facility. The correlation of this to our other testing facilities means that we can conduct repeatable, legislative and performance based tests for a variety of markets that seek both absolute and relative results.Phil Stones, Chief Engineer – Propulsion at Millbrook

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