Millbrook Expands Motorsport Offering with FIA Testing

FIA crash test for racing seat homologation on Millbrook's sled test facility for seats
  • Millbrook gains its first approval for motorsport racing seat testing
  • Millbrook now offers homologation tests for competition seats according to FIA standard 8855-1999

Millbrook is now approved to carry out homologation tests on competition seats against FIA standard 8855-1999. Seats homologated against the standard get a five-year rating, showing that they have achieved the required level of safety.

Millbrook performs automotive, motorsport, rail and aerospace seat safety tests using its state-of-the-art ServoSled system. The test facility offers highly accurate and repeatable acceleration and velocity profiles with a high-frequency response. Its pulses are precisely correlated to deliver the required FIA test pulses, as well as full scale crash scenario, legislative and CAE test pulses.

We are continuing to develop the capabilities of our ServoSled and the team that runs this state-of-the-art facility. We can now test motorsport competition seats against the FIA standard 8855-1999 and look forward to working in conjunction with the FIA to offer more safety testing to the motorsport industry.Kieran Forinton, Chief Engineer - Safety

The FIA seat testing approval is the latest addition to the range of expertise and facilities Millbrook offers to the motorsport industry. Motorsport teams running closed-cockpit cars take advantage of Millbrook’s famous test tracks and conveniently-located workshops for testing and set-up. The recent addition of a 5G-enabled private mobile network at Millbrook opens further possibilities for connectivity testing and high-speed, low-latency data transfer. Millbrook also has unique corporate event venues at its proving ground in the UK, available for presentations, entertainment and as hubs for track-based activities.

In its laboratories, Millbrook tests high-performance powertrains up to 900kW and automotive battery modules and packs. It helps customers to carry out complex system optimisation using its 2WD and 4WD powertrain test systems with battery emulation. These facilities are also used for launch control optimisation and simulated track-based performance testing. Millbrook performs a range of mechanical durability tests on propulsion systems, and electronic and vehicle components using its shakers and environmental chambers.

Millbrook’s facilities are secure and feature high levels of automation and repeatability. It operates strict procedures to protect customer confidentiality. Its flexible and impartial approach makes it an ideal partner for motorsport testing.