Millbrook Expands Seat Test Capabilities

Seat test laboratory at Millbrook
  • Millbrook is upgrading and expanding its seat test capabilities in the UK which cover safety, performance, refinement and durability
  • Latest changes include additional fully-automated test robots and lean conversion and expansion of the seat durability laboratory in which Millbrook can now test 25 seats simultaneously

Millbrook has expanded its seat durability and comfort test offering, increasing capacity and capabilities at its site in Leyland, UK.

The Millbrook team converted its seat test laboratory using lean methodology to maximise capacity for test-specific rigs. Millbrook can now test up to 25 seats simultaneously, using various pneumatic test rigs, and single or multi-axis vibration rigs.

Additional robots have doubled the capacity for simulating the motions and loads of a human body to test seats for wear and tear, durability and comfort. New pressure and temperature mapping capabilities enhance the range of tests available to customers for measuring comfort and performance.

Sitting in vehicles is a part of most people’s everyday lives, which is why the quality of interiors, and in particular seats, is so important to vehicle manufacturers. Whether it’s the safety of a child car seat, the longevity of a driver’s seat, or the level of interior noise, Millbrook offers the full suite of test capabilities. It helps manufacturers to produce the right seats for their specific applications, increase safety and comfort and reduce warranty returns.

We can simulate anything from occupants’ movements in and out of a vehicle over a 10-year period, to check if a seat can withstand the mechanical stresses of daily use, to a crash scenario, to check safety performance of a seat, its airbags or seatbelt; we check if the heating performance is good enough and how the fabric degrades over its expected lifetime. We continue to invest in our capabilities to provide our customers with an excellent, comprehensive service, whenever in the development cycle they need it most.Arnaud Boulanger, Chief Operating Officer at Millbrook

Millbrook tests the safety, performance, refinement and durability of vehicle, railway and aircraft seats. It offers support at each stage of a seat’s lifecycle, from development and certification to design validation and in-service samples. It delivers accurate, repeatable results against national and international regulation standards, consumer safety protocols such as EuroNCAP and customers’ own specifications.

KUKA robot in an automotive seat testing laboratory at Millbrook

Vehicle seat testing laboratory at Millbrook in Leyland, UK

KUKA robot performing ingress/egress testing in an automotive seat testing laboratory at Millbrook in Leyland, UK