Millbrook Invests in Cutting Edge Motorcycle Dynamometer

Motorcycle dynamometer testing at Millbrook Proving Ground
  • Millbrook’s new motorcycle dynamometer tests fuel economy, range and performance up to 200mph on a range of vehicles, from scooters to high performance motorbikes
  • Customers achieve consistent results through repeatable, comparable drive cycles
  • New facility complements Millbrook’s famous test tracks

Millbrook has commissioned its new motorcycle dynamometer, adding further capability to its world-class portfolio of specialist test and validation facilities.

The new dynamometer can repeatably test fuel economy, range and performance of a motorcycle at speeds of up to 200mph. It can also be used for mapping power and torque curves, conducting mileage accumulation tests and fast-tracking powertrain development in a safe, and controlled and repeatable test environment.

Repeatability is achieved with the load control system that uses the latest in eddy current power absorption technology. It allows technicians and engineers precisely to control engine RPM and wheel speed in any throttle position for a set time period. Pre-determined test and validation parameters can be controlled and adjusted through a closed-loop control, generating accurate and comparable data sets. Test results can also be correlated to real-world testing and durability cycling to support other test work, such as running in vehicles in preparation for noise testing.

What sets Millbrook apart is its combination of static and dynamic test facilities in one location. After using this dynamometer, customers can validate findings in real-world conditions on our test tracks, which accommodate high-speed, handling and pass-by noise testing, as well as testing on special surfaces.Darren Williams, Chief Engineer - Vehicle at Millbrook

Millbrook’s motorcycle dynamometer can accommodate motorcycles with wheelbases up to 84-inches and power outputs of up to 750hp and 750lb ft. torque. Twin-channel functionality is available for automatic conditions measurement such as absolute pressure, air temperature and humidity.

Millbrook also offers a range of other test facilities for motorcycle testing.