Millbrook Gains ATE-EL Facility Approval for Emissions Testing

Engineer working on a car in a 4WD climatic chassis dynamometer emissions test facility at Millbrook Proving Ground

Millbrook has been awarded Applied Technology Experts Enterprise of Luxembourg (ATE-EL) facility approval for both of its 4WD climatic emissions chassis dynamometers.

The approval meets conditions within the latest WLTP Regulations, EU 2017-1151 (2018-1832), which also supports EU 2017-1154 for Real Driving Emissions (RDE) testing. Also covered are UN-ECE Regulations 83 (emissions) and 101 (fuel consumption and CO2).

Official ATE-EL approval is welcome recognition of the exacting standards to which Millbrook works. This approval gives the industry confidence that Millbrook’s facility, staff and procedures operate to these new regulations. It also aids the process of vehicle approval by reducing the amount of time necessary for the inspections required for each approval test to ensure that the equipment is correct.

The approval covers type approval and Conformity of Production (COP) testing for the purposes of emissions measurement, fuel consumption, electrical energy consumption and range measurement.

“This is a welcome development and recognition that both our facilities meet the latest European regulations.” Phil Stones, Chief Engineer – Propulsion