Millbrook Receives World’s First Approval for FIA ADR Testing

FIA ADR testing being conducted by Millbrook chief engineer in sled test facility
  • Millbrook is the first company in the world to be approved to carry out testing against FIA standard 8872-2018
  • Testing ensures that Accident Data Recorders (ADRs) continue to help with safety development in motorsport racing

Millbrook is the first to complete a series of tests on an Accident Data Recorder against the challenging requirements of FIA standard 8872-2018 and to gain approval to carry out testing against the standard.

Accident Data Recorders are ‘black boxes’ fitted to many race cars, including but not limited to all Formula 1®, Formula 2 and Formula 3 cars. They are relied on to provide crash data to help with safety development in the sport. In order to fulfil the requirements of the standard and validate the ADR’s reliability, Millbrook has made use of both its high frequency electro-magnetic shakers and its ServoSled, recreating in-use and crash conditions.

The ability to deliver testing to this new standard increases Millbrook’s portfolio of motorsport testing which already includes FIA Standard 8855-1999 competition seat testing.

It is a great achievement to have succeeded in being the first company accredited to this standard. We have once again combined the skills across our two sites in the UK, working together to deliver a new test type for our customers. Kieran Forinton, Chief Engineer – Safety