Millbrook to Launch New Facility for Evaporative Emissions Testing

Testing Mercedes for evaporative emissions levels in vehicle emissions test facility at Millbrook Proving Ground

Millbrook is making further investments in its emissions testing capabilities, with the introduction of a new Variable Temperature Sealed Housing (VTSHED) for evaporative emissions testing.

The facility is designed for the evaluation of hydrocarbon permeation from vehicles or sub systems during the Regulatory Type IV test. It will complement Millbrook’s existing facility at Bedford, which has been established for 20 years and enables the development and certification of vehicles to European and Chinese regulations. The new VTSHED will include the latest technical and software operating enhancements to align it with the latest European, Chinese and Federal regulatory requirements.

The new vehicle emissions test facility will accommodate larger passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. It will have a new canister loading rig that will be used as part of an evaporative test procedure. This can also be used for loading canisters with butane for engine calibration work or to age and stabilise canisters.

“This investment continues our approach to support the latest emissions regulations, larger vehicle sizes and new propulsion technologies. The new VTSHED builds on our capability of assisting the industry to develop and approve cleaner, safer, and more energy efficient transport for the future.” Phil Stones, Technical Director - UK Test Services

The new facility is expected to be operational from Q3 2020. Find out more about current SHED testing capabilities as Millbrook here.