Millbrook Announces Strategic Acquisition of Winter Test Facility, Test World, Finland

Aerial view of Test World proving ground and winter tyre test facility

Millbrook is pleased to announce that on 14th of September it signed a contract with the owners of Test World, Ivalo, Finland, to acquire this world leading winter vehicle and tyre test business.

Based in Ivalo, Northern Finland, Test World has unique and versatile facilities, including specialist tyre testing capabilities and a range of winter tracks. Test World has indoor facilities for both objective and subjective testing of winter tyres on real snow throughout the year, reducing time to market for tyre manufacturers. Test World’s facilities are available to customers for independent testing, as well as providing test services and type approval work to its global customer base.

In combination with Millbrook’s 70km of varied tracks and test facilities for components and full vehicles, Test World is now able to offer a much broader range of winter, wet and dry testing services, which is a huge step forward for the business. Being part of a larger group will also give Test World better access to capital, making it easier to invest  and further develop its  test facilities. Millbrook is an independent business and so Test World will continue to provide completely impartial test results for customers and consumers alike.

Test World’s existing management will remain with the business and so provide continuity to customers and partners.  All of Test World’s operations and services will continue and will be unaffected by this change. The Company’s various quality systems approvals also continue.

We are very pleased to announce this investment, which will expand Millbrook’s diverse portfolio of services and complement our existing UK proving ground and test capabilities. We are looking forward to working with Test World’s excellent customer base and sharing our engineering expertise to enhance the services and facilities provided to all of our customers, both in the UK and internationally.Alex Burns, CEO of Millbrook

The acquisition of Test World is a significant step by Millbrook to increase its capabilities and expand its relationships internationally. It follows a number of high profile facility investments so far in 2015, including upgrades to engine dynos, additional capacity in Portable Emissions Measurement (PEMS), increased capabilities within the crash test department and the development of Millbrook’s Technology Park.

This is a very exciting opportunity for everyone at Test World, which will enable us to offer an all-inclusive test, validation and engineering service to the worldwide automotive industry. We are delighted to be working with the team at Millbrook to move the combined business forward.Turo Tiilila, Managing Director at Test World