COVID-19 - Service Update

COVID-19 - Service Update

At Millbrook, our two highest priorities continue to be the safety of everyone at our sites and providing the best customer service that we can. The coronavirus pandemic continues to present us with challenges on both of these fronts and this note provides an update on our response to the situation.

On Monday 23rd March, the UK Government announced new rules to reduce the contact between people in order to slow the spread of the virus. In response to these additional rules, we have reviewed which of our employees need to work from home and which need to attend work. For those who are attending work, we have reinforced many of the interventions that we had already put in place to observe social distancing and enhance cleaning and hygiene practices.

In particular, we have reviewed the application of the 2 metre rule and taken steps to ensure that those employees who need to come on site to perform their work can maintain this distance from one another when doing their work and moving around their place of work. In some areas we have changed working hours so that fewer staff are in any one place at one time. We are fortunate to work in large facilities, where separation is generally possible.

We have also reviewed which of our employees may be classed as vulnerable and agreed that they will self-isolate at home as is required. We also have a number of members of staff who have, or whose family members have, symptoms that may be coronavirus and they are all at home in self-isolation. We have not had any positive test results among our staff.

In most areas of the business, we are able to continue to operate and to provide customer service despite the reduced staff numbers on site and the revised operating practices. This means that we are able to perform work for our customers to support their businesses.

I would like to thank our staff for their positive engagement with our application of the new rules and for the flexibility they are showing in these difficult times.

I also thank our customers for their understanding as we make changes to adapt to the rules.

Going forward, we will continue to monitor the advice from the UK Government closely and to modify our operations accordingly. We will always put the safety of our staff first and we will continue to operate as long we consider it safe to do so.

Alex Burns

Passionate about Safety, Customer Service and Technical Excellence