Defence: Environmental and Powertrain Testing

Defence: Environmental and Powertrain Testing

We provide a range of facilities and equipment to replicate every real-world climatic and environmental condition for performance analysis and the development of whole vehicle systems and components. Utilising a variety of industry-leading chambers for fuel, emissions and environmental measurement with a choice of controls and conditions including test schedules for which we hold accreditation by UKAS to ISO 17025; we ensure that products are capable of performing to the ever-increasing user demands of defence.

Our facilities provide you with the flexibility to control temperature and humidity and other variables such as vehicle speed, airflow, salt spray and desert dust. We have the ability to conduct exhaust emissions and fuel consumption tests either to legislative requirements in our laboratories or on our test tracks using Portable Emissions Measurement Systems. In our engine test cells we have many years’ experience of testing and developing engines across many markets.

Our excellent reputation has been earned through decades of supporting vehicle manufacturers, including government departments, the petrochemical industry and tier 1 suppliers. Looking to the future, we have already been instrumental in developing test procedures for hybrid, electric and advanced propulsion technologies for government and other legislative organisations.

"An unrivalled location for the rigorous measurement of vehicle mobility, benchmarking and demonstrations."

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