Latest Investment in Millbrook’s Crash Facilities Adds Roll Over and Small Offset Testing

  • Investment in crash testing facilities enhances Millbrook’s current capabilities
  • New facility offers roll over and small offset frontal impact testing
  • Outdoor facility allows versatility for wide range of crash tests and has features exclusive to the UK and European markets

Millbrook Group, the leading independent vehicle test, validation and engineering service provider, has expanded its crash test facilities. Millbrook can now perform a range of roll over and small offset crash tests for its customers, in compliance with US and EU test methods, from a new outdoor facility at its Bedfordshire, UK site.

Supplementing the site’s existing capabilities, the corkscrew roll over testing facility enables customers to test vehicles for a variety of outcomes, including roll over protection, occupant ejection and roll over detection – used for sensor calibration critical for deployment of safety features such as airbags.

Ramp profiles and test speeds are customisable to test for roll and non-roll outcomes, allowing customers to see the safety capabilities of the vehicle and how to develop countermeasures to suit. Bespoke testing scenarios can be developed to suit customers’ requirements, while more common, off-the-shelf testing capabilities include: ditch fall over; FMVSS 208 roll over; gravel, soil trip roll over, and; kerb trip roll over.

In addition to roll over testing, Millbrook has added small offset testing to its capabilities. Specifically designed to suit IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) regulations used in the US, the facility assesses vehicles when impacting a rigid barrier at 25% offset. Carried out at 64km/h, the test is designed to drive further improvements in occupant protection.

Millbrook has included the capability to provide underside camera footage, while the small offset facility also has the ability to test both left-hand and right-hand impacts, meeting the very latest level of the test protocol. This level of flexibility and extensive camera footage are features believed to be exclusive to Millbrook in Europe.

Matt Hillam, Chief Engineer, Safety at Millbrook said: “The completion of this facility greatly adds to our on-site capabilities and allows us to manage more crash safety testing in house. There is a great deal of flexibility regarding the facility, we are able to adjust the parameters to suit a wide range of customer requirements. The investment in this facility means we can offer more crash testing scenarios than before, giving us access to more potential customers.”

Following the successful completion of several commissioning runs and facility testing, the first customer tests have now taken place. Having the new facility up and functional means that Millbrook is able to provide customers with a complete range of vehicle testing scenarios, enabling a manufacturer to test and develop its vehicles as necessary before they reach the end user.

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