Millbrook is Ahead of the Game with Impending Pass-by Noise Emissions Testing Regulations

Millbrook is Ahead of the Game with Impending Pass-by Noise Emissions Testing Regulations
  • ISO 10844:2014 test track surface is already compliant with the European Union type approval regulations which will come into force in June 2019
  • Site has full suite of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) test and validation capabilities

Millbrook is already using noise testing surfaces which will be required to comply with European Union type approval tests for pass-by noise emissions. New legislation, which will come into effect in June 2019, will require using a test track surface compliant with ISO 10844:2014 specifications.

Only facilities that have this surface will be able to conduct testing to EU regulation 540/2014, Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) Regulation 51-03 pass-by sound emissions or Regulation 138 approval of quiet road transport vehicles. These tests will be necessary for passenger cars and commercial vehicles to obtain type approval.

Millbrook has used the ISO 10844:2014 approved surface on its pass-by noise measurement facility since 2012. The 268 metres of compliant surface is complemented by Brüel & Kjær pass-by noise equipment and a range of additional features. Millbrook’s secluded location ensures that it has nominal ambient sound pressure levels of 45dB; it offers the latest pass-by noise measurement instrumentation and full noise analysis capability.

Darren Williams, Chief Engineer – Vehicle at Millbrook, said: “The changes that will come into force in June 2019 will ensure that the road surfaces used in all pass-by noise measurements are consistent regardless of where in the world the test is conducted. We have been using the ISO 10844:2014 compliant surface for some time, so are well prepared for this change in regulation.”

As well as its pass-by noise measurement facilities, Millbrook has a full suite of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing capabilities for components and full vehicles. Its equipment and facilities include a large semi-anechoic chamber, dynamometers, acoustic cameras and laser vibrometers. It assists customers with squeak and rattle assessments, internal and external noise testing, engine NVH testing, general refinement and sound power measurements. This can be done either in the lab using single and multi-axis shakers or on a range of noise generating surfaces and structures. To complement the range of NVH testing conducted by Millbrook, on site engineering services can be offered by HBK (formerly Brüel & Kjær Sound and Vibration).

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Specification of the facility can be found here.

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