Millbrook Supports Doosan with Emissions Development Using New PEMS Capability

Millbrook Supports Doosan with Emissions Development Using New PEMS Capability

In December 2013 Doosan Industrial Vehicles approached Millbrook looking for independent assistance with demonstrating the emissions and fuel economy performance of its D30S-5 DIESEL ENGINE 3-tonne forklift truck.

Following a detailed technical meeting to understand the challenge and the extremely tight timescales required, Millbrook decided that the most effective approach would be to use its PEMS system and a bespoke test programme on its track facilities.

The vehicle was innovatively fitted with the PEMS equipment utilising a trailer, before Millbrook replicated the initial assessment duty cycle using Millbrook’s remote driver guidance system. This allowed testing to take place on Millbrook’s High Speed Circuit where tests can be run at a constant speed.

Millbrook carried out repeat cycles to get a baseline figure for each pollutant and fuel consumption. Doosan then implemented various optimisation strategies with Millbrook testing each one several times. From all of the test data Millbrook was able to identify the most efficient overall strategy, which led to a reduction in fuel consumption of 33% and a significant reduction in all regulated gaseous air quality emissions.

Paul Watson, Doosan Industrial Vehicle UK general sales manager, commented “We are extremely grateful to Millbrook for providing an excellent programme. We came to Millbrook knowing what we needed and that we had an extremely tight window for it to be delivered and Millbrook found an excellent solution, with great support to meet our challenges.”

Phil Stones, head of emissions and fuel economy at Millbrook, explained “We were very pleased to assist Doosan in this important programme, utilising our PEMS capability and the detailed technical knowledge of our staff to deliver in a short timescale.”

Millbrook will now move onto carrying out further detailed testing in its Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber (VTEC) to fully replicate the end customer’s test programme and provide a full set of data for Doosan.

Mr Watson added “We look forward to building a successful relationship with Millbrook to demonstrate the capability of our products and already have plans for our new Euro Stage IV (Tier IV) level products to be assessed by Millbrook.”

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