Bus, Truck and Off-Highway

Millbrook provides a complete range of test, validation and demonstration services to manufacturers and operators of commercial and public service vehicles.

Millbrook supports the full product development process through to type approval. Its highly experienced engineers perform emissions and fuel economy testing to any test cycle, and manage vehicle validation testing either to meet customers’ own requirements or to full certification test requirements. It develops custom tests for individual markets and road conditions, including testing for passenger comfort, market-specific warranties and durability.


Millbrook has some of the world’s leading independent powertrain test facilities.  With ever-increasing pressure in this area, customers can rely on Millbrook’s support and expertise to develop cleaner and more efficient vehicles.

Millbrook provides full test and development support for engine and exhaust aftertreatment update programmes on existing vehicles, as well as comprehensive fuel and energy consumption, range and emissions testing on new and existing vehicles. Millbrook tests hybrid and electric powertrains.

Millbrook works with both national and local legislators, authorities and manufacturers on air quality issues. It develops individual test cycles in order to provide reliable, repeatable data, using its dynamometers and portable equipment. It provides NVH testing for engines and powertrain components.


Millbrook's UK crash test dummy calibration laboratory.

Millbrook is comprehensively equipped for commercial vehicle safety testing, both in the laboratory and on the proving ground.

Millbrook offers a full suite of regulatory, consumer and customer test protocols for commercial vehicles: from ECE R66 for bus structural integrity to heavy vehicle testing to EuroNCAP. Computer simulation as well as both destructive and non-destructive test methods are employed to ensure that customers’ programmes are efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

Millbrook has high voltage BEV and HEV crash test capability. It performs sophisticated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems testing on its proving ground, from automated emergency braking to full autonomous vehicles.

The facilities include indoor and outdoor crash laboratories, ServoSled, pedestrian impact rigs and component test rigs.


Vehicle Development

Millbrook supports the design and development of buses, trucks and off-highway vehicles with full vehicle, body and chassis testing and measurement.

The next few years will usher in demanding new challenges for commercial vehicle manufacturers. In addition to providing comprehensive support for existing technologies, Millbrook is fully equipped to handle the development of EVs and Hybrids and conducts accreditation for a range of environmental tests in the UK.

Millbrook’s unique proving ground, which offers gradients of up to 26% and specialist durability surfaces and features, functions as an outdoor laboratory. It is supported by indoor workshops, weighbridges and test facilities in Bedford and Leyland, enabling the provision of complete development solutions.


Commercial vehicle truck durability testing at Millbrook on the pave track.

Interior Systems Testing

Millbrook provides expert testing of the performance characteristics and durability of interiors, systems and components particular to buses, trucks and off-highway vehicles taking into account the environment in which these machines operate.

Millbrook helps customers to ensure that the products they produce are reliable, durable and refined. Its highly experienced teams provide support throughout test programmes on the latest technologies associated with lightweight vehicle structures, premium interiors and connected vehicles.

Millbrook operates UKAS accredited testing and calibration laboratories, Nos. 2498 and 10121. Its test reports are accepted globally.

Vehicle Winter Testing

Millbrook’s winter proving ground, Test World in Northern Finland, offers a long winter season and range of safe and secure test facilities to challenge all types of on- and off-highway vehicles.

Test World boasts 1,250 hectares of proving ground, split over two sites.


Type Approval Testing

Millbrook type approval and homologation testing and support

Vehicle and trailer system and component certification and homologation services.

Millbrook can provide all the services and administration necessary to obtain type approval on conventional, EV and Hybrid buses, trucks, trailers and off-highway vehicles.

Millbrook is a one-stop shop for negotiating the legislative complexities of type approval, negotiation with authorities, test programme development, project management and the production of technical drawings and documentation.

Special Vehicles

Millbrook Special Vehicles uses its automotive engineering knowledge andMillbrook's test facilities to produce vehicles with enhanced capabilities or major modifications.

Millbrook Special Vehicles provides independent commercial vehicle conversion services to fleet operators. These include:

  • Powertrain modifications
  • Emissions reduction projects
  • Electronic equipment integration
  • Structural modifications
  • Adaptation for specialist tasks

Millbrook Special Vehicles’s deep understanding of vehicle structures and systems means that it is able to design and implement specialist conversion tasks for other vehicle convertors. These may include work on powertrain installations or hydraulics systems and they can all be independently verified in Millbrook’s laboratories.

Venues and Events

Unique venues, each with its own atmosphere, are available to hire for corporate conferences, exhibitions and events in the UK and Northern Finland.

Millbrook’s events team give customers complete flexibility for event design, with each venue being available on an exclusive basis. They are all in a secure environment, allowing for total confidentiality.

Millbrook offers customers the opportunity to combine top-grade hospitality and catering with access to private test tracks. This makes the facilities ideally suited to product launches or dealer training, with interactive activities followed by driving experiences.

At both locations, vehicle manufacturers are able to demonstrate their vehicles to their customers on the very tracks used in development – genuinely a unique selling point.


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