Case Study: Driving Days

DAF Trucks UK has been a regular visitor to Millbrook’s proving ground in the UK.

Customers recognise that the fantastic facilities and adaptable approach tailoring events provide the ideal solution for ride and drive days and professional driving experiences.

Millbrook hosted the DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Challenge in 2016, in which a select group of drivers were invited to take part in a series of practical and knowledge-based assessments. The event had to meet strict criteria for testing the drivers, and was designed to select the ‘best of the best’.

The team were briefed at one of the on-site Venues and then headed out to tackle the challenges. Throughout the day the wide-ranging test tracks were used to put the drivers through their paces. The City Route was chosen for the DAF LF and an urban driving challenge, and other tasks included the attendees testing their off-road skills in a DAF CF.

Ride and drive events are used to familiarise current and potential customers with a variety of other DAF vehicles, going beyond presenting technical data and allowing people to experience the handling and broader vehicle capabilities for themselves. Millbrook provides confidentiality and safety with marketleading hospitality, making it the perfect space to showcase new vehicles.

DAF Trucks UK has been a regular visitor to Millbrook’s proving ground in the UK DAF has also held customer ride and drive events at the site, notably using Millbrook to launch its Euro 6 new LF, CF and XF ranges in 2014, using the City, Alpine and Cross Country tracks and the High Speed bowl.

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