Case Study: Mobile Prison Cell on Sled

Millbrook’s state-of-the-art facilities draw customers from a number of sectors, particularly where safety testing is concerned.

The ServoSled was installed in 2015 and has been used for testing to a wide range of automotive, aerospace and healthcare safety standards.

Testing of a mobile prison cell unit introduced a range of safety concerns when compared to transporting people in a conventionally configured minivan or small commercial vehicle, due to the heavy, robust and unforgiving nature of the cage structure. The team faced new challenges when testing the unit, such as how to configure it effectively and ensure the test procedures would accurately recreate the conditions passengers may experience in the real world.

The versatility of the ServoSled, coupled with the team’s expertise, meant that typical acceleration and velocity profiles could be recreated accurately to ensure the cell’s design was fit for purpose.

The ServoSled’s catapult sled system can reach a maximum speed of 90km/h (56mph), and uses servo-hydraulic pulse control to simulate accurately a full-scale crash. As a result of the tests, modifications were made to the design of the cabin and the final unit met all of the customer’s requirements, allowing it to go into service.

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