Case Study: Test World

Millbrook’s winter proving ground, Test World in Northern Finland, offers a long winter season and range of safe and secure test facilities to challenge all types of on- and off highway vehicles.

Test World boasts 1,250 hectares of proving ground, split over two sites, with an extremely wide range of conditions which test even the most capable of machinery.

At the main 1,100 hectare site there are large specially-designed and maintained tracks suitable for the biggest on highway vehicles.  The large oval track is 3.2km long and 12m wide at its narrowest and is ideal for continuous running for HVAC, fuel system and other powertrain-related work.

This track is used to run long drive cycles, without the risk of accidents or traffic associated with running on road. This means that drive cycles can include repeatable slow/fast and stop/start sections.  This oval track can also be used as an approach road to the very large vehicle dynamics area. At 15 hectares and 380m in diameter, there is more than enough space for large vehicles to carry out dynamic manoeuvres in complete safety, even at high speed.

At the main site and the secondary 150 hectare site there are large, steep natural hills to test and demonstrate off highway machinery with both maintained and ‘wild’ areas.  Ballast loads can also be provided to exercise excavating and digging machinery.  Both sites also have large workshop facilities, along with offices and other necessary infrastructure.

Temperatures in this region typically vary between -5°C to -25°C but often go down to -35°C.  There are twice-daily flights to Ivalo airport, plentiful hotel rooms and restaurants nearby, and other activities to alleviate the routine of cold environment testing.

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