Home of the Battlefield Mission, testing front line military vehicles and equipment against their System Requirements.

Millbrook provides vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers and armed forces with engineering, trialling, safety and legislative support. It plans and implements test and evaluation programmes and is independent and impartial in everything that it does.

70 km of tracks for outdoor testing, access to specialist laboratories and the experience acquired over many years explain why Millbrook is the first choice for defence and military vehicle and equipment testing in the UK.

MoD Vehicle Testing at Millbrook

Chosen by the MoD as their independent vehicle trials and engineering specialist in the Land Environment.

The UK MoD has entered a long-term formal agreement with Millbrook Proving Ground to provide through-life, cross functional support and engineering advice for its equipment and vehicle programmes.

This arrangement provides a rapid response to customer needs with subject matter experts who can provide test and engineering support to projects across the entire procurement cycle.

Military Vehicle Development

Millbrook has the capability to measure almost any parameter required for vehicle development, capability definition, benchmarking and homologation on any defence vehicle.

Millbrook has the latest measurement and data acquisition systems for drive-by noise, vibration, braking, steering effort, internal noise, heating and cooling systems, refinement or the performance of any other vehicle subsystem or vehicle mounted system. Millbrook’s unique combination of on and off-road tracks, features and venues provides an unrivalled location for benchmarking, demonstration and the rigorous measurement of vehicle mobility.

Environmental Testing

Millbrook has the ability to test to all aspects of DEF STAN 00-35 or MIL STD 810, including:

  • Hot
  • Cold
  • Solar
  • Humidity
  • Salt Mist
  • Fungus and Mould
  • Sand and Dust

Millbrook has a range of test chambers to meet customers’ needs, including DEF STAN, MIL STD or unique System Requirement.

Large Climatic Chamber >>

Capability Testing

Millbrook measures the capability and performance of any defence vehicle; including:

  • Mobility
  • Handling
  • Counter-Surveillance Signature
  • Human Factors
  • Load Capacity
  • Range

Assessing the capability and performance limitations of military vehicle platforms, as laid out in DEF STANs 23-6, 23-9, 00-3, 00-6, 08-6, 00-25 and 00-250 is fundamental to development and sign off.

Millbrook has a wide variety of on and off-road tracks and repeatable capability obstacles for the rigorous measurement of vehicle mobility, benchmarking and demonstration.

Whether collecting performance, road load data during a specific event, or recording real world driving to develop correlations for future laboratory or track based testing, Millbrook has the experienced staff required to prepare test vehicles, collect data and assist with performing the analysis.

Durability Testing

Millbrook is Home of the Battlefield Mission, including:

  • Reliability Growth Trials
  • Reliability Qualification Trials
  • Reliability Demonstration Trials
  • Product Reliability Acceptance Trials
  • Reliability sign-off

Millbrook assesses the reliability of military vehicles to the procedures laid out in DEF STAN 00-42.

A Battlefield Mission is a driven trial over hundreds of kilometres of appropriate repeatable terrain to evaluate the reliability and durability of a full vehicle or a system. All testing and reporting is undertaken independently and impartially.

Missions are split into Road, Track and Cross Country surfaces. These are repeatable, measured and consistent. The percentage, by distance driven on each surface, is determined by the role of the vehicle.

Millbrook monitors all military vehicles on trial and carries out detailed inspections at the end of each mission or after a failure. It provides full, immediate feedback to stakeholders.

Millbrook’s technicians perform routine maintenance in line with vehicle manuals and manufacturers’ specifications.

If required, Millbrook can also host Incident Sentencing Committees (ISCs), whereby a group of stakeholders discuss and categorise each mechanical or electrical failure by severity, as detailed in documentation created after each regular inspection.

Safety Testing

Performing high complexity tests to meet a wide range of global legislative and development test scenarios.

Millbrook’s full-scale crash, ServoSled and safety systems laboratories have been at the forefront of vehicle, system and occupant protection testing for over 40 years and provide high complexity tests that meet a wide range of global legislative and development test scenarios. With the availability of ultra-compact data acquisition and digital camera systems, Millbrook can meet all the defence industry needs.

Testing to DEF STANS 59-411 and 61-5, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), is a rigorous and vital part of bringing a vehicle into service and ensuring it is safe and provides a suitably quiet EM environment for C4ISTAR mission systems. Millbrook has access to one of the UK’s largest EMC chambers. This is equipped with a rolling road providing load and drive to wheeled vehicles to ensure all modes of operation are covered during EMC testing.

Legislative Compliance

Performing high complexity tests to meet a wide range of global legislative and development test scenarios.

  • Hill Hold
  • Drive-by Noise
  • Speedometer Accuracy
  • Exterior Projections
  • Internal Noise

Millbrook’s engineers are experts in UK/ EC/ECE automotive legislation and with a VCA team based on-site (together with the experience of working with many other certification agencies), they efficiently manage homologation testing programmes.

Millbrook is able to provide advice against individual legislative regulations, make recommendations and offer pragmatic solutions where legislation may not be appropriate in a military environment.

Venues and Events

Millbrook has a number of event venues around its proving ground in the UK, each with its own atmosphere, offering flexibility within a secure environment.

Millbrook offers customers the opportunity to combine top-grade hospitality and catering with access to private test tracks. This makes the facilities ideally suited to vehicle demonstrations or training, with classroom sessions followed by driving experiences.

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