Fuels and Lubricants

Millbrook is one of the most comprehensive test facilities in the world for conducting fully independent fuels and lubricants testing. Customers include petrochemical companies, vehicle fleet operators and passenger car, bus, truck and off-highway vehicle manufacturers.

Millbrook provides a one-stop shop for testing, so minimising customers’ management, vehicle and fuel transportation overheads.


CEC Engine Test Cells

Millbrook’s powertrain facilities include a wide range of engine test cells, 4 of which have been installed specifically for CEC fuel additive testing.

The tests examine the performance of a fuel and/or additive and its keep clean or clean-up potential. Measurements are based on a cleanliness rating or a power loss rating. CEC method capability:

  • XUD9 – Critical flow loss caused by injector nozzle coking
  • DW10B – Power loss caused by nozzle coking
  • M102E – Valve cleanliness
  • M111 – Valve cleanliness
  • Waterboxer – Valve stick

Fuel blending capability up to 1,000L per batch.

Dynamometer Facilities

Dynamometer testing facilities include a VTEC (Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber), a new 4WD climatic emissions chassis dynamometer and a 2WD hub dynamometer.

Real world drive cycles can be performed and logged and then run on the dynamometer under highly repeatable conditions.

The dynamometer facilities are used for emissions and fuel consumption measurement and mileage accumulation testing. They are also used for performance and durability evaluation of driveline lubricants through comparative testing.

Vehicle Test Chambers

Millbrook’s facilities include climatic and evaporative emissions chambers

Climatic Test Chambers

Cold/hot start capability and noise/vibration evaluations of cold starts on light duty and heavy duty vehicles.

VTSHED (Variable Temperature Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination)

Millbrook can perform evaporative emissions tests to UNECE Regulation 83. The tests measure hydrocarbon emissions from the vehicle when it is not running.

Fuel Storage, Transportation and Handling

Millbrook provides secure on-site fuel storage for small blends (barrels and IBC’s) and large volume batch storage, from 5,000L above ground to 18,000L underground storage tanks.

Millbrook also has the capability to blend fuel with additives on-site under laboratory conditions.

Millbrook can manage the logistics of importing fuel in barrels, IBC’s, and tankers from international destinations and the UK.

Security in relation to the intellectual property of new formulations is given a high priority. Facilities are rigorously maintained to ensure no contamination takes place.

Track Testing

Mileage accumulation, volumetric fuel measurement and durability testing.

Millbrook’s safe and secure proving ground in the UK provides all the facilities required for mileage accumulation. Testing is conducted for accelerated durability and mileage accumulation, driveability assessment and fuel consumption measurement.

Fuel consumption tests judge the performance of a particular fuel or lubricant formulation against a baseline condition. Driveability tests are used to assess the performance of different fuel additives on a subjective basis.

Trained drivers conduct mileage accumulation on pre-determined routes for in-vehicle powertrain running-in (de-greening) and Public Road Simulation (PRS). The individual PRS modules replicate real world driving scenarios such as:

  • UK Motorway
  • European Motorway
  • German Autobahn
  • Major and Minor roads
  • Urban with optional Rush hour
  • Mountain roads
  • Unpaved roads
  • High speed driving

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