An extensive range of facilities, services and support in unique, secure environments


Experts in vehicle test and validation

An extensive range of facilities, services and support in unique, secure environments.

Millbrook puts safety and security at the heart of operations and its employees are passionate about providing outstanding customer service. Through investment in people and facilities, it strives to be the leading service provider in its markets.

Propulsion Systems Testing

Premier independent propulsion systems and vehicle emissions testing for a wide range of vehicles to a global automotive base.

Dedicated teams support engine and vehicle development, calibration and testing for emissions, fuel consumption, energy and range. Testing is performed in laboratories and on tracks to satisfy the latest Real Driving Emissions (RDE) requirements.

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Safety Testing

Skilled and experienced engineers, consultants and project managers work with the latest equipment to deliver high complexity crash and sled tests to global legislative and vehicle development scenarios.

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Vehicle Testing

Subjective and objective measurement, robustness and durability tests and vehicle design and development support.


Interior Systems Testing

Millbrook delivers complex multi-sample, multi-test validation programmes to  support engineering and production sign-off of interiors, systems and components from seats to instrument panels.

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Tyre Testing

Millbrook’s tyre testing facilities in the UK are complemented by Test World in Finland, part of Millbrook since September 2015. Innovative indoor facilities allow testing on natural snow throughout the year.

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Special Vehicles

We provide vehicle assessment, selection, design and systems integration, and validation services.


Type Approval

Vehicle, system and component certification and homologation services in the UK and Finland.

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Tracks and Facilities

Millbrook is best known for its test tracks where it performs repeatable tests in a safe and secure environment.

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