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Millbrook provides great filming locations for photo shoots and filming vehicles in action in the UK and Finland.

In the UK, the 700 acre site is within easy reach of London and Birmingham. It has a huge variety of roads, tracks, buildings, and countryside, offering the perfect filming location for a wide range of video, film and photo shoots.

The rolling countryside around the road network offers natural, picturesque woods and fields, with a range of industrial and unusual buildings, including Millbrook’s own petrol station. There is a vast range of possible shoot locations on offer.

Millbrook’s proving ground in Finland is Test World. The 1,300 acre site is nestled within untamed Lappish wilderness, well served by numerous hotels, restaurants and excellent flight connections. It is ideal for filming vehicles on snow.

Millbrook’s staff have extensive experience working with all different types of shoots from small local media photo shoots right through to big blockbuster feature films, and are able to offer the infrastructure to deal with 300 people with ease.

They can also provide as much or as little filming location support as a shoot may require - from on-site catering through to make-up rooms or temporary production offices.

Busses at Millbrook Filming Location
Safety Control Car On Site

Millbrook’s filming location site is highly secure. It is permanently manned and patrolled by Security Officers ensuring an unparalleled level of confidentiality, safety and control over any activities on-site. Staff are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Filming Location Testimonials

Set in a magnificent part of Bedfordshire, Millbrook is fast becoming the hottest location to film at. When planning driving and/or stunt sequences, Millbrook is now my first point of call. A lot of thoughts have been put into the design of their website with its extensive photo library. In addition to that, the staff is always welcoming and attentive to our every need. Their levels of professionalism and track safety are incredible, and yet they always maintain their good sense of humour and a can-do attitude that help make any shoot a pure delight.

Accommodating, helpful, professional and most importantly the safest location where to conduct all your filming.

Mohamed Bounechada, Location Manager

Choosing a location to film both the driving scene and the complex car crash in the James Bond "Casino Royale" film was made easy once we discovered the facilities available at Millbrook Proving Ground. The Millbrook staff were extremely accommodating on the many recce's that took place, and they were able to offer help and advice to ensure the actual filming went as smoothly and efficiently as possible. During the 5 nights of filming, Millbrook's experienced staff ensured our crew of over 150 people on each night could concentrate on the job in hand.

The finished scene looked amazing and the car crash gained lots of publicity, where Bond's Aston Martin flips in mid-air and rolls over seven times, a stunt which earned it's a place in the Guinness World Records. I would recommend Millbrook as a filming location for any type of shoot without hesitation.

Robin Higgs - Location Manager - James Bond, Casino Royale

You can always get a lot done in a short space of time at Millbrook, thanks to the wide variety of locations and road networks all on one site. The handling circuit is well-liked by our expert road testers, while the hill route is a favourite of our directors as it doubles perfectly for a scenic public road without any of the usual traffic hassles.

The Millbrook personnel also make filming a pleasure - the in-house experts have provided essential advice for our more technical features, and nothing is too much trouble for the marshalls who chaperone our production team.

James Woodroffe, Executive Producer, Fifth Gear, North One Television

Thank you for all your help in the filming.

Your help and professionalism made it a pleasurable and very satisfying experience. Programme making for television can be a complicated business, especially with many elements to coordinate - the chase sequence involving the Aston Martin and the articulated lorry would not have been possible without the proper planning and communication that we had.

BBC - Inside Out programme

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