Airbag Deployment Testing

Airbag deployment is a key safety factor in the automotive industry. This is why OEMs, Tier 1s and their supply chains use third party test houses like Millbrook to prove the successful function and deployment of their airbags.

With the use of Millbrook’s airbag deployment test laboratory, test samples can be pre-conditioned at the required temperature and humidity. Airbags can then be deployed in a safe and controlled manner and data, deployment and fragmentation can be analysed. Airbag deployment is offered at Millbrook’s Bedford and Leyland sites in the UK.

Typical Applications

  • Seat airbag testing
  • Instrument Panel (IP) testing
  • Trim testing
  • Driver / curtain airbag testing
  • Seat pre-tensioners testing

Airbag Test Facility Specification

  • Environmental: -40°C to +125°C (plus humidity)
  • 2 high speed cameras (5,000fps)
  • Control room with viewing window
  • Remote detonation

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