Millbrook’s Multi-Axis Shake Table (MAST) is used to support durability, Key Life Testing (KLT) and the development of seats, instrument panels and  other products.

MTS RPC Pro is used to generate a drive signal for the MAST, replicating Road Load Data (RLD), enabling Millbrook to run a defined durability profile, with added environmental loading and functional tests as required. Millbrook can collect RLD from a given surface / condition, iterating drive signals for the rig, running the test and analysing the results. It can provide strain, load, displacement, torque, force, pressure and acceleration parameters for each test.  Millbrook can test anything from a component to ½ car or off-road vehicle, depending in the testing parameters.

Applications and Capabilities

  • Seats & IPs testing
  • KLT (Key Life Tests)
  • Durability

Multi-Axis Shake Table Facility

  • 5 DoF
  • RLD Capable (up to 50Hz)
  • Payload up to 700kg
  • 2.25 m2 table top area

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