Multi-Axis Shaker Vibration Testing

Millbrook has a number of multi-axis shaker tables with simulation control systems and climatic chambers, cable of providing combined vibration, temperature / humidity cycling, infra-red heat and sub-system actuation, within one test.

Tests typically run on full system modules such as instrument panels and consoles, seats, doors and cooling systems in manufactured fixtures or vehicle bucks. Millbrook also performs vibration testing on battery packs.

Component tests

  • Combined environmental testing (temperature, humidity, solar load)
  • Automated component / system actuation capability
  • Frequency range 1 to 150Hz
  • 5 axis MAST
  • 6 axis Team Cube MASTs with environmental control
  • Multi-axis structural test laboratory
  • Road load data replication, Sine, random, shock control, RLD, sine on random, resonance search / dwell
  • Squeak and rattle assessment and durability tests
  • On-site fixture design and manufacture
  • Programmable for customer temperature / humidity profiles
  • Working range -40°C to +100°C and up to 95%RH
  • Solar loading to increase surface temperatures up to 115°C to reveal imperfections
  • Subjective or measured squeak and rattle
  • Quality of feel and gap and flush

Data acquisition

  • Wide range of DC and IEPE accelerometers
  • Simultaneous data acquisition from almost any sensor type or vehicle network
  • Advanced data processing and analysis using nCode
  • Drive cycle creation from road load data

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