Seat Testing

Millbrook tests the safety, performance, refinement and durability of vehicle, railway and aircraft seats.

It can simulate anything from an occupants’ ingress and egress movements over a 10 year period to a vehicle crash, delivering accurate, repeatable results against national and international regulation standards, consumer safety protocols and customers’ own specifications. It offers support at each stage of a seat’s lifecycle.

Millbrook helps manufacturers to produce the right seats for their specific applications, increase safety and comfort and reduce warranty returns.

Seat Durability Testing

Mechanical Durability Testing

Millbrook uses its automated robots, pneumatic test rigs, hydraulic shakers and climatic chambers to test passenger car, commercial vehicle, railway and aircraft seats for material wear and structural durability.

Whether a requirement is for automated durability testing or for live ingress/egress tests with human testers, Millbrook has experienced project managers, test engineers and multipurpose robots to ensure accurate, repeatable results.

Electric and Electro-mechanical Durability Testing

Millbrook offers a range of shakers, actuators and environmental chambers for testing electronic elements of a seat, including wiring harnesses and heating systems.

Materials and Trim Testing

Millbrook’s capabilities include the full suite of materials tests from flammability and odour to taber abrasion and crocking.

Head Restraint Testing

Millbrook performs headrest energy absorption tests to the requirements of ECE R17.

Seat Safety Testing

Seat Crash Testing

Millbrook performs dynamic seat safety tests using its state-of-the-art ServoSled and full-vehicle crash test facilities.

Using the ServoSled, Millbrook tailors acceleration pulses to simulate real-world collision scenarios and to record rapid, high-precision results. Customers can specify their own pulses or those required by regulations and consumer safety protocols, such as EuroNCAP. Millbrook also tests seats in vehicles as part of the system by conducting full-scale crash tests.

Seatbelt Anchorage Testing

Millbrook offers ECE R16 testing for seat belts at its seat belt anchorage facility.

Other applications include wheelchairs and healthcare tie-down anchorage strength testing.

Car Seat Airbag Deployment

Millbrook tests seat airbags, driver/curtain airbags and instrument panel airbags to in-house standards.

It offers environmental pre-conditioning to ensure that the airbags deploy correctly at a range of temperatures.

Seat Refinement Testing

Seat Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Analysis

Millbrook uses its vertical pitch and roll and other vibration test facilities to identify buzz, squeak and rattle issues in seats.

This can be done pre- and post-durability testing to identify any changes over a seat’s lifecycle.

Seat Comfort Testing

New pressure and temperature mapping capability at Millbrook has enhanced the range of tests available to customers for measuring comfort and performance.


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