Vibration Testing

Millbrook provides a comprehensive range of vibration test facilities and equipment for testing individual components and full vehicles. Tests can be conducted in single or multi-axis configuration and include climatic conditioning.

Where a suitable vibration profile is not available, Millbrook can provide road load data collection and advice on existing vibration procedures or assist in the creation of a tailored vibration profile.

Vehicle tests

  • 6-post heavy duty shaker (vehicles up to 36,000kg)
  • 4-post light duty shaker (vehicles up to 3,500kg)
  • Wide range of test tracks with structural / NVH facilities
  • Occupant / operator tests (including ISO 2631 Whole Body Vibration)

Data acquisition

  • Wide range of DC and IEPE accelerometers
  • Simultaneous data acquisition from almost any sensor type or vehicle network
  • Advanced data processing and analysis using nCode VibeSys
  • Drive cycle creation from road load data

Component tests

  • Electro-magnetic shakers ranging up to 32kN thrust / 5kHz frequency / 50mm displacement
  • Slip table to allow in-service orientation
  • Electro-hydraulic shakers
  • Multi-axis hydraulic shaker systems
  • Combined environmental testing (temperature, humidity, solar load)
  • Full component / system actuation capability
  • Sine, random, shock control, RLD, sine on random, resonance search/dwell
  • Squeak and rattle assessment and durability tests
  • On-site fixture design and manufacture
  • Modal analysis

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