Propulsion Systems Testing

Millbrook provides premier independent propulsion systems test services. It performs a range of CEC fuels, engine, battery, electric machine and vehicle emissions tests.


Drivetrain Testing

Millbrook offers versatile drivetrain test laboratories with:

  • 15kW to 900kW power range
  • 0 to 17,000rpm speed range
  • 0 to 40,000Nm, up to 80,000 TOT (for axles) and full torque at 0rpm
  • 0 to 400kW power
  • 0 to 700V DC DC voltage
  • 0 to 900A DC current
  • 60°C to 180°C environmental chamber temperature range

Battery and Electric Machine Testing

Millbrook battery testing and electric machine testing

Millbrook offers the facilities and expertise to test every aspect of an electric and hybrid propulsion system – from components and sub-assemblies through to full systems and whole vehicles.

Capabilities include:

  • 12 climatic cycling battery test cells for complete automotive battery packs
  • Integrated systems or individual subsystems, including energy storage and power electronics and interconnections
  • Performance and characterisation of e-machines, cells, modules and packs
  • Electrical stress testing, including hi-pot, surge, insulation resistance
  • Back-to-back endurance testing with environmental loading
  • Environmental testing and ingress protection
  • Noise testing, shock and vibration (NVH)
  • 128kW/800V/700A cycling
  • UN 38.3 and Reg 100
  • ServoSled impact testing of live modules and packs
  • Battery abuse testing

Millbrook’s vehicle electrification test facilities in the US are equipped with AC dynamometers that incorporate the latest inverter and control technology. This facilitates precise control and allows Millbrook to conduct the full range of tests from steady state to highly dynamic  trace profiles.



Fuel Economy and Emissions Testing

Millbrook offers fuel economy, including electric vehicle range and energy consumption measurement, and exhaust emissions testing to a global automotive customer base.

Its vehicle emissions test facilities are operated independently and impartially, and are designed to suit the full range of vehicles, - from passenger cars to commercial vehicles, buses and trucks.

Millbrook's 4WD climatic emissions chassis dynamometer facilities include individual climatic soak rooms and can be used in conjunction with Millbrook's correlated Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS). They support the delivery of legislative and tailored drive cycles, including Real Diving Emissions (RDE) cycles, and global powertrain calibration and certification.

Vehicle testing

Millbrook offers two large emissions chambers in the UK - a Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber (VTEC) and a Heavy Duty Dynamometer Test Chamber (HDDTC). These are ideally suited to a variety of vehicle and emissions tests on light and heavy duty vehicles.

Millbrook's VTSHED is used for evaporative emission permeation testing.

Engine Testing

Millbrook offers 28 engine test cells which cover a diverse range of capabilities.

Typical applications include engine and driveline durability testing, engine development work, turbocharger testing, NVH investigations and CEC fuels testing.

Millbrook performs fuel blending of volumes up to 1,000L and has bulk and special fuels capability, inlcuding bio fuel and E100. Component strip and rate service for post-test inspection is performed by a highly experenced team using state-of-the-art facilities.

Millbrook high-performance and heavy-duty engine testing

Vehicle and Driveline Testing

2E hybrid powertrain test cell engine testing and emissions testing at Millbrook Proving Ground

Facilities include fired 2WD driveline and 4WD powertrain test rigs, ideal for advanced development of hybrid powertrains.

Millbrook's 2WD Powertrain Test System has two wheel-mounted dynamometers and a 300kW battery simulator, perfect for high-performance high-speed engine testing and complex hybrid powertrain development testing. 

The 4WD Powertrain Test System has 4 synchronous motors and a 350kW battery simulator. It is used for laid-out powertrain testing and full vehicle testing, to develop hybrid powertrains, transmissions and stability control strategies.

Development Support Services

Capabilities include:

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