Battery Safety Testing

Millbrook ensures safety and reliability of batteries used in electric cars and hybrid vehicles.

Its laboratories are fully equipped to support a range of UN 38.3 and all Reg 100 battery safety tests, as well as testing against other legislative and OEM- and Tier 1-specific requirements.

Millbrook offers leading expertise and commitment to safety in all aspects of vehicle test and validation.

Battery test examples include:

  • Transportation testing against UN/DOT 38.3
  • Battery abuse testing against UN/ECE Reg 100 including drop, crush, fire and immersion
  • Battery life, power, internal resistance and BMS functionality testing against ISO 12405 and ISO 19453 standards
  • Temperature cycling (-40°C to +90°C, slew rates of up to 6°C per minute)
  • Customised tests

Millbrook routinely tests Lithium-ion cells, modules, packs and vehicles (class M1-M3 and N1-N3) and will consider other chemistries including Lithium-metal.


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