CEC Fuel Testing

Millbrook offers expanded fuels testing capability with four new dedicated engine test cells for fuels CEC testing together with a central control room, a purpose built fuel blending area and integrated delivery system.

Currently covered are DW10, XUD9, M102E, M111E and VW Water Boxer.

Applications and Capabilities

  • 4 new purpose-built cells dedicated to CEC fuels testing
  • Full Stainless steel, temperature controlled fuel delivery to cells from barrel, IBC, and custom built fuel ‘hoppers
  • Ability to offer impartial, blind testing on using standardised methodologies on DW10, XUD9, M102e, M111, and water boxer test engines
  • Testing carried out within Millbrook’s engine test facilities, a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 2498.
  • Valve rating experts trained by CEC and attend regular ratings workshops
  • Ability to send valve/parts rater(s) to customer’s in house laboratories to conduct ‘correlation’ exercises, ensuring consistency for results carried out in house with those outsourced to Millbrook
  • Expertise in adapting standard methodologies to meet customer needs; extended running, additional cycles, non-standard pre and post-test assessments, dirty up/clean up running and reporting
  • Secure on site fuel storage for small blends (barrels and IBC’s) and large volume batch storage (from 5000L above ground to 18,000L underground storage tanks)
  • Dedicated area for onsite blending of additives and contaminants into base fuels
  • Ability to blend ‘one-shot’ treatments into fuel ensuring testing is conducted blind
  • Gravimetric treating of fuels from a bulk additive container possible to allow assessments at varying treat rates to be managed on site


  • Testing carried out impartially with a report supplied from an independent test facility
  • Opportunities for carrying out testing of a common fuel/fuel product through industry standardised testing and non-standard testing on a range of engine, vehicle, and rig platforms
  • A flexible approach to testing with an interest in working with customers to add value to tests wherever possible
  • Ability to offer turnkey projects from CEC methodologies into whole vehicle fuel consumption, emissions, performance, driveability testing, utilising the extensive Millbrook test track facilities
  • Experience of designing test protocols for product discrimination and marketing use

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