Driveline Test Rig

Millbrook offers performance, efficiency and durability testing of standard configuration axles, transmissions and electrified drivelines.

The motive power is provided by an electric motor and multi-speed gearbox providing full speed and torque control. A test axle is installed between two slave gearboxes that connect to the axle output shafts; the output power transmitted by the axle is then absorbed by an eddy current dynamometer attached to the slave gearboxes. The slave gearboxes are connected together to maintain a constant speed from each axle drive shaft.

Typical Applications

  • Efficiency measurement
  • Lubrication studies - pitch and roll
  • Speed and torque characterisation
  • Temperature surveys
  • Durability running to fixed cycle, block programme or Road Load Data
  • Reg 85 power 
  • ISO 16750 environmental tests
  • T-configuration for axle testing
  • 2E for high speed EDU testing (9,000rpm, 200Nm, 180kW)


  • Drive: 570kW AC Machine (up to 5,000rpm and 3,000Nm primary torque)
  • 9-Speed slave gearbox for a wide range of axle input speeds and torques
  • Axle output torque up to 37,500Nm per side
  • Interchangeable ratio for wheel station reduction boxes of 5.55 or 21.65
  • Control: Speed / Torque Steady State or Real Time
  • High Accuracy (0.01% FSD) GIF torque transducers on the input and both outputs for efficiency measurements
  • 700kW EC Dynamometer for high torque reaction at low output speeds
  • 270, 370, 450, 700VDC +/-10%, power supply 400kW, 550A

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