Engine and Component Strip, Rate and Build

Millbrook offers engine strip, rate and build services which meet strict OEM standards. It uses market-leading equipment to ensure excellent measurement and photographic quality throughout the process.

Millbrook’s highly experienced team conducts controlled engine component ratings and evaluations. They apply stringent quality procedures to measure function, performance and build quality using standard and tailored methodologies to meet customers’ needs.

Fault reporting includes top-quality high resolution and macro photography of the components, with an option to securely access a live stream from the laboratory anywhere.

Strip, Rate and Build Facility:

  • Dedicated and secure clean rooms
  • Complete customer confidentiality with secure access
  • Four strip, rate and build bays with full component layout areas
  • Secure online conferencing with live ultra-high-quality video and photography
  • Optimised lighting with fixed component and camera position to ensure consistency
  • Fully networked to external customer


  • Independent and impartial assessment followed by a full report
  • Direct network contact with Engine Technicians offering customers complete control of work being undertaken
  • A flexible and collaborative approach to problem solving
  • Continuous improvement philosophy with daily feedback to customer teams on progress and findings
  • Dedicated and secure clean room with separation for confidentiality



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