Engine Testing

Millbrook has 28 engine test cells covering a diverse range of capabilities, with latest cell automation software and hardware and up to 2.1MW dynamometers.

Capabilities include:

  • Cold climatic capability, down to -30°C
  • Road Load Simulation
  • Vehicle model simulation on engine test bed
  • Driveline durability with speeds up to 2,900rpm (300km/hr)
  • Complete driveline testing for full electric, range-extender
  • Full CVS emissions system cell
  • Extensive emissions measurement capability
  • Gigabit Combustion measurement
  • Full DOE capability with real time controllers  and online optimisation
  • CEC fuels testing
  • NVH
  • Fuel blending up to 1,000L
  • Bulk and special fuels capability,  bio fuel and E100
  • Component strip and rate for post-test inspection

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Download the full specification here.

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