Evaporative Emissions VTSHED

Millbrook offers a whole-vehicle Variable Temperature Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (VTSHED).

The VTSHED is used for the determination of evaporative emissions (hydrocarbon permeation) as required in the Type IV test of the European emissions Regulations. It also has a butane canister loading facility.


  • 6m L x 2.7m W x 2.5m H (door 2m x 2m)
  • Variable “lung” volume design
  • Integrated FID hydrocarbon measurement
  • HC measurement minute by minute on hot soak
  • 15°C to 50°C temperature range controlled to within +/-1°C of temperature profile
  • Controls +/-25Pa on heating and cooling
  • Extract and HC safety detection system
  • Evaporative canister loading to 2g breakthrough with 50% butane, 50% N2 by volume
  • Supported with two 4WD Climatic Emissions Chassis Dynamometer facilities and soak space


  • ECE Regulation 83 Type 4 NEDC evaporative emissions test
  • EU 2017/1151 Type 4 NEDC 2 day evaporative emissions test
  • EU 2017/1151 (2018/1832) Type 4 WLTP 2 day evaporative emissions test
  • China 6 GB 18352-6 evaporative emissions test
  • Federal/CARB 2 and 3 day evaporative emissions tests
  • Hot soak and diurnal testing
  • Development evaporative emissions testing
  • Vehicle baking testing
  • Canister purging and butane loading
  • Canister butane loading stabilisation testing

To find out more about evaporative emissions testing at Millbrook, contact the team via info@millbrook.co.uk

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