Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber

Millbrook's Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber (VTEC) is a climatic chassis dyno vehicle emissions testing facility designed for light and heavy duty vehicles.

The facility is designed for highly repeatable emissions, fuel economy and energy consumption to enable the development and approval of vehicles fuel/lubricants and components to a wide variety of industry standards.  Although primarily designed for emissions testing for both light and heavy duty vehicles, the facility can also undertake test activities which require a controlled environmental condition or drive cycle.

Test Chamber

  • Secure, with large customer room next to the facility
  • Size: 26.5m long, 6.5m wide, 5m high with space for large heavy duty vehicles of maximum legal design size or multiple passenger vehicles
  • Temperature range -30ºC to +50ºC
  • Controlled fresh air make up system
  • Vehicle directional air flow speed tracking fans
  • Solar load array 6mx3m and up to 1500W/m2

Vehicle Cooling

  • High capacity twin nozzle speed tracking cooling fan
  • Speed range: 10 to 120km/h; 0 to 134,810m3/h

Analytical System

  • Custom built to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles
  • Full CVS emissions sampling system  bag HC, CO, NOx, CO2
  • Petrol/Diesel: Raw engine out & tailpipe real time modal analysis, CO2 tracer & bag
  • Particle number measurement
  • FTIR for NOx species and ammonia measurement
  • Data logging aquisition system for temperatures, pressures  and voltages
  • E.L.P.I. real time modal particulate size (10 micron down to 0.03 micron in 12 sizes) and mass distribution analysis system

Chassis Dynamometer

  • 200kW power absorption at 118km/h and above
  • Tractive effort of 6110N continuous
  • Single axle 48’’ rolls
  • Full road load simulation for heavy duty vehicles
  • Coast down match to real road resistance times and forces
  • Inertia simulation from 454kg to 20,000kg in 1kg increments
  • Light duty maximum speed 200km/h
  • Heavy duty maximum speed 130km/h
  • Gradient simulation (dependent on vehicle inertia)

Emission Test Capabilites

  • All world wide light duty test cycles  (Petrol and Diesel)
  • Steady state (Petrol and Diesel)
  • Heavy Duty whole vehicle emission tests to customer test schedules (Petrol and Diesel)
  • Bespoke drive cycles; WHVC, FIGE, MLTB, Revised LUB, LowCVP UK bus (LUB), LowCVP UK Coach (LUC), LowCVP UK HGV
  • Testing to Industry procedures such as; TfL, LEB, LowCVP HGV accreditation scheme
  • Fuel consumption repeatability down to 0.3% test on test

Non-Emission Test Capabilities

  • Cold start engine performance
  • Cold/hot engine lubricant assessment
  • Solar load testing
  • Solar load testing
  • Heater and demist test
  • Air conditioning performance assessments
  • Engine derating testing
  • Driveability performance assessment
  • Energy consumption and range testing

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Heavy Duty Dynamometer Test Chamber (HDDTC)

In the UK, Millbrook offers two facilities ideally suited for a variety of vehicle and emissions tests on light and heavy duty vehicles - a Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber (VTEC) and a Heavy Duty Dynamometer Test Chamber (HDDTC).

The table below offers a detailed comparison of the two chambers and their applications.

  VTEC (Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber) HDDTC (Heavy Duty Dynamometer Test Chamber)
Type 2WD single axle Double axle fixed separation (1,350mm)
Fully Transient Yes Yes
Inertia Range 454-20,000kg 454-40,000kg
Max Speed 200km/h 130km/h
Max Power 200kW above 118km/h  
Max Torque 6,110N 36,000N
Roller Diameter 48" 48"
Cooling Fan Twin large speed tracking fans Variable speed vehicle cooling fan
Drive Cycle Simulation Yes Yes
Temperature Range Controlled -30°C to +50°C No control. External ambient air circulation
Temperatue Control +/-2°C Limitations below -20°C with high heat load No control
Bag CVS Yes (HC, CO, NOx, CO2) No
Raw Gas Sample 2 Streams (HC, CO, NOx, NO, NO2 CO2) 1 Stream (HC, CO, NOx, CO2) - concentration only
Particle Mass Yes 3 phase No
Particle Number Yes - Regulated and ELPI No
Fuel Consumption Regulatory Carbon Balance High-accuracy and fast-response fuel measurement equipment
Other emissions FTIR - NO, NO2, N2O, Ammonia, Formaldehyde None
Size (L x W x H) 26m x 6m x 5m 19m x 9m x 5m
Background Noise Level N/A 40db linear
Lower Cutoff Frequency N/A 70Hz
Approval Testing Yes - TfL, LEB, LUB, CVRAZ No
Climatic Testing Yes No
Shake Down Testing Yes No
Fuel Economy Comparison Yes Yes
Emissions Development Yes Limited
Cycle Development Yes Yes
Power Testing Limited Yes
Constant High Power Testing - Fuels Work No Yes
NVH Testing No Yes
Brake Tests No Type IIA endurance brake tests on M3, N3 and ADR (N2 and N3) vehicles in accordance with ECE R13
Vehicle Cooling Trials Limited on Power Yes at uncontrolled ambient temperature

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