Electric Motor Testing

At a glance

Millbrook runs high-speed e-motor testing programmes in its electric vehicle propulsion systems test facilities in the UK and the USA. It offers dynamometer testing of electric motors for optimisation and characterisation.

Electric powertrain systems dynamometer test facility at Millbrook in Leyland, UK
Driveline durability, wear and life test rigs also used for ISO 16750 electric drive unit testing at Millbrook

Millbrook prides itself on providing high-speed, high-accuracy measurements from its electric motor test stands/benches and expert test engineers. Its teams in the UK and the USA, in addition to electric motor dyno testing for characterisation and optimisation, run electric drive unit (EDU) test facilities for homologation, development and durability tests.

Facility for dynamometer testing of electric motors on a test bench at Millbrook in Leyland

Electric Motor Dynamometer Testing Services

A supplier to the heavy duty industry approached Millbrook to test its high-speed e-motors in order to characterise the design requirements against target torque, speed and power values.

Millbrook provided efficiency measurements from the DC-BUS to mechanical output of the machine, thermal characterisation and heat balance and UN/ECE Regulation 85 power measurements with witnessed sign off.

The customer also required testing of a new power electronics and motor pairing; the inverter and motor system were baselined for future development. Millbrook conducted the tests against UN/ECE Regulation 85 and the customer’s power density mapping requirements. It issued a report detailing the efficiency and peak performance of the system.