Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Battery Testing

Millbrook conducts hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) battery testing to: assess the life of battery cells, modules and packs; determine battery safety in a wide range of situations including crash events; and validate the performance of automotive batteries under a range of environmental conditions.

Battery endurance test facility for battery life testing at Millbrook

EV Battery Testing Overview

Millbrook offers a wide range of battery safety and abuse tests including for UN 38.3 and ECE Reg 100 and operates a state-of-the-art battery life and performance test facility in the UK. It tests all major Lithium-ion chemistries and a range of other chemistries by simulating normal and extreme operating conditions.

Electric vehicle (EV) battery endurance testing laboratory for battery simulation and life cycling at Millbrook

Hybrid and Electric Battery Tests

Millbrook provides a wide range of test methods to assess the life, safety and performance of vehicle batteries. These include:

Millbrook also offers a range of electric machine and inverter tests and provides full vehicle test facilities including the ability to crash EVs and FCVs.